See Manchester by the Sea

The movie Manchester by the Sea, a 2017 Golden Globe nominee for best movie, stars a pair of Golden Globe nominees in Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams.

In making a commendable run at realism and place, the overarching sadness is as real a character in the storytelling as Lee Chandler (Affleck), Randi Chandler (Williams), or Patrick Chandler (Lucas Hedges and Ben O’Brien). Forgiveness (of self and others) factor strongly into the interconnected stories. The details and emotional wherewithal are shared through multiple flashbacks shared with the viewer as the movie unfolds.

Forgiveness (and the need for acquiring it) works on multiple levels in parent / child relationships, husband / wife relationships, and in dating / school relationships, to name three. That there are so many layers to follow makes for a powerful adult movie experience that can work for thoughtful high school and college students, too. That many of the brooding details reveal themselves with some degree of humor is a charming aspect of this movie that, ultimately, becomes a redeeming quality of the surprisingly vibrant story.

My experience feels like I actually want a second viewing to really make sure that I like the movie as much as I think I do. Further, there is very likely some nuance that I missed simply because the story was so full of content that I perhaps missed appreciating some characters. My review of Manchester by the Sea ultimately argues for you to plan and see it. 4.5-stars out of 5.0 stars.

Matt – Tuesday, December 20, 2016