Book review: Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad found a way

We as readers of Diana Nyad‘s book Find a Way learn that a boldly lived life offers much in terms of striving, sacrifice, and perseverance. While the recently begun 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics reminds us that the life-questing championships sometimes engender disappointments like not competing in an Olympics, the life lessons Nyad teaches us with Find a Way fundamentally get outweighed for Nyad in showing us that life often is about our responses to setbacks.

The Goodreads book review service introduces Find a Way with three life lessons that Diana Nyad carries through much of her determined steps to endurance swim 111-miles from Cuba to Key West, Florida. Those lessons are quoted here:

1.   Never, ever give up.
2.   You’re never too old to chase your dreams.
3.   It looks like a solitary sport, but  it’s a Team.

It did take a team of dedicated support and professional support to finally succeed in crossing the Atlantic Ocean between Cuba and Florida in September 2013. The book that chronicles the five attempts to cross the shark infested waters along with an overwhelming childhood of sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of her stepfather and a high school swim coach were dramatic and compelling of their own accord.

Find a Way 2 (Diana Nyad)

In the October 2015 interview with ABC News when Find A Way was first published, Nyad reflects on some of her fuller life lessons in overcoming that abuse as well as having the tenacity to cross the Atlantic Ocean at age 64. In addition to the endurance of the 111-miles of crossing without stages or sleep, Nyad gets into the pain and mortal fear of death from being stung by jelly fish, the “playlist” of songs that Nyad recalled in her head for timing, and the things that motivate her now that the dream of swimming from Cuba to Key West is behind her. From the ABC News interview:

“Life is short. It is fleeting,” [Nyad] said. “This life that we’re living here on earth has an end, we’re all on a one way street. Why not live it big? Why not live it with dreams and aspirations and be everything you can be? Tap every ounce of potential and courage that’s in you.”

Find a Way becomes a contemplation of a strong will, intelligent support, and strong will in boldly living the hopes rather than the tragedies of life. The narrative style of the book is straightforward and engaging. Diana Nyad offers many life affirmations in ways that make a lot of sense. My rating is 4.0-stars out of a potential 5.0-stars account for much of that uplift.

Matt – Sunday, February 11, 2018.


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Matt and Lynn are a couple living in the Midwest of the United States.

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